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About Us

Welcome to Setting Sun Stables LLC, one of the hardest working and honest horse training centers around.  You can always depend on getting value out of your training dollars in quality and results.

At Setting Sun Stables, our goals are to create a winning and competitive, yet welcoming atmosphere for both horse and rider by maintaining the best physical health and well being of each horse.  Our professional, full service facility extends to both Purebred and Half - Arabian horses.



At the heart of our program is our trainer, Joe Reser.  Joe, as his clients will confirm, is a passionate, goal driven trainer.  A great example of this was a personal and professional goal to obtain an Open National title win before he was 30.  He accomplished this one year early by unanimously winning National Champion Half Arabian Western Pl. Junior Horse in 2002!

It all began with a dream when Joe was a young boy growing up in the small town of Wakarusa, Indiana.  At age four he started riding and by six he was showing.  He grew up training and showing his horses and going to school in that small town believing one day he would have his own big stables and put Wakarusa on the map for always having the best.  His dream and passion have met reality, in Wakarusa where he now owns and trains from one of the finest facilites in the country.  Along with all of this, he and his wife Michele are raising their two boys, Cole and Grant.  Both of whom are already showing and competing with success!

Joe says his biggest rewards are when his amaturs win and do well.  In fact that is another of his personal and professional goals, "that all of my amateur riders go National Top Ten or better each year".  Due to his passion and drive of these goals he has even revitalized several clients to want to stay with the business of showing and breeding Arabian and Half- Arabians.  They feel he has helped them see a great future through his accomplishments, talent and hard work ethic.


Quality and commitment to our horses, clients and breeding program.  We want to see a strong future for our Arabians and Half Arabians.  We feel that through a quality breeding program this can be achieved.  We are always working to provide a foundation of good minded, trainable and sound horses that can be shown and enjoyed by all riders at any level of experience.  Our care and commitment to our horses is paramount.  This is indicated through our high quality feed and nutrition program, which we analyzee and monitor constantly.  We work hard to keep the future of our horses strong.  Our constant goal is to be "THE" place to come for training, purchasing and breeding of the best Arabian and Half Arabian horses.